Learning Great Strategies in Keno

Keno is the simplest and the least complicated game in the gambling world but undeniably it has millions of patrons who loves to play this game. The reason lies on the excitement and thrill they experience in this lottery type of game. Keno is interesting to play as it comes into different formats. Mastering many interesting features of Keno will surely give one lots of fortune, that,s why we are here to discuss some of the Keno strategies that surely will help you.

Some other gambling experts say that Keno is a sort of bingo game. This might be considered partially true because keno is also a numerical card game. But that truth holds only to the manner of how it is being played. The fact is that the game of Keno is so compelling. Unlike bingo, a Keno player can choose the numbers he wants to play on his card

The keno card is numbered 1 to 80, and a player can choose his numbers on this card not more than twenty times. The player then marks these numbers on the ticket and afterwards submits it to the keno runner or to the clerk on the booth. The numbers on the ticket corresponds to the balls that will be drawn after all the tickets are submitted.

First keno strategy is to keep your ticket, as this will warrant your winnings . Of course you won't be paid if you have no validated ticket. So, that is our foremost keno strategy

Our second Keno strategy is to listen attentively to the announcer as he announced the numbers that come up. Be sure to mark this number on your ticket correctly because this will be checked later on by the organizer. Whenever a set of draw is finished always be quick in redeeming your prize because the next round will surely start in five minutes. So, this is another strategy in Keno.

Another effective strategy in keno is to buy a multi-race ticket. This kind of Keno ticket will allow you to play a maximum number of games that is from 2 to 20 tickets. When the maximum games is finished, then you can claim your prize for each game you won.

Another Keno strategy is to buy a 'stray and play" ticket which allows aplayer to play for 30 games or more. What's good about this kind of ticket is that it is good up to one year from its date of purchase. In this kind of Keno ticket, you can redeem your prize any time within a year.